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Do you desperately need money? GinJob is a go-to app for those in need of quick money as it offers a bunch of jobs near you.

It is truly the simplest way to start earning. Just search for the clients in your area who asked for help. Be it babysitting, pet care or delivery services – GinJob for freelansers offer a hand and get down to work.

And if it goes well for both you and the client, maybe this one-time activity will even become your permanent job.

Why become a freelancer on GinJob

Fast deals

It is extremely easy and quick to find a customer craving help. Don’t waste time on long interviews and commuting. Open the app to earn here and now.

no competitors

You may be the only one in your area who is a programming guru. That’s great news! Why not take your opportunity and make some quick money?


GinJob app will always keep you updated about attractive deals near you by sending you timely notifications when a hot task comes up.



Get your work done in a blink of an eye

Urgent solution for urgent tasks

There are tasks that can’t wait. You need to get them done here and now. GinJob – is just right for such kind of work. In a matter of minutes, you will find a skillful assistant who will promptly offer you a helping hand.

Using maps and geolocation, GinJob app allows you to easily spot available freelancers in your neighborhood who are located less than 2 km away from you.

Delegate your tasks and sigh with relief.

Why find help on ginjob


In the world of business, time is money. Find your skillful hero right where you are and get the tasks done with the speed of lightning.

Affordable prices

You are on a tight budget? GinJob gives you the freedom to reward freelancers according to your financial capabilities - just offer the price you can manage.

Well done

Get acquainted with the freelancer’s rating and reviews at the platform to rest assured that you delegate your tasks to the right assistant.

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